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Trojan Horse Attacks

A new Trojan viruses circulate daily on the Internet. If you haven't updated your anti-virus software recently, then it's crucial that you read this page and let us help you fix any security leaks if you have not accomplished that yourself. With so much bleed from Android to Windows, mobile to stationery, IT function to IT function, there's no way you are "safe" from attacks. We are named "Citadel" for a reason.  That adolescent using your WiFi to play XBox in your lobby may be on the verge of shutting down your operation for a day or forever.


In transition, follow trends

Citadel Communications is moving with the flow of convergence.  On the "Voice" side, we are adaptible to VoIP or Hybrid solutions, competent at both, with front line solutions to either path.  Following micronization & mobility, we can see an unplugged and Cloud-driven future closing in. We often advocate "WAN2" solutions, as everyone does everything "in the cloud", from booking appointments at the Vet, to "checking out" anywhere, to doing their accounting, inventory, & ordering, and to backing up their cirtical business record keeping. We are prepared to facilitate.