Supported Technologies

Citadel Communications is skilled and certified to work with the following technologies and applications:


  • Voice: POTS, PRi, VoIP/SiP, MPLS
  • Networking & Desktop: PC's, Servers, Routers/switches/etc, WiFi
  • Paging & similar peripherals: MOH, Door box & relay; Call Accounting, ACD, Call-tracking & DNIS applications
  • Structured Cabling (low voltage wiring): including Wireless & Fiber
  • Security: Surveillance Camera systems (remote access, view, control), Alarms, Entry Access
  • Software integration, security (back up & protection), application challenges, including vertical integrations
  • Wireless Services: Cellular, WiFi, P2P, WiMAX, WAP deploy
  • Network Security & Maintenance: backup, archival
  • Audio-Visual: Video Conferencing, A/V for training & education, A/V for restaurants, bars/clubs, hotels, schools, commercial buildings, satelitte-fed info kiosk
  • Digital Signage, social media transmission (text ads)
  • Specialty Technology: Looping (hearing disabality installations, public/private)
  • Website & Internet services: Website design,mounting, maintenance; Domain acquisition & maintenance; e-commerce; mobility apps
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Applications, wireless & hand-held controls, remote services (field credit processing, sales, & tracking)
  • Vertical Market software integration & communications services, networking of multi-site locations for phone & data.