Our IT Leaders

Tom Roberts


Decades of IT field experience following 5 years Higher Ed at Wittenberg, Kent, & CSU. Tom carries

myriad certifications & classroom courseware from Technology firms like Vertical, Microsoft, AT&T/SBC, Lenovo, NEC, Ricoh, Samsung, MultiTech, & Network & A+ tech class completion at LCCC and BISCI.


Prior to coming to Citadel Communications Tom spent 5 years as Senior Project Manager at an Ohio based IT-Company with SBC-AD status, and has himself served as ESP (Enterprise Solution Provider) for SBC as Citadel. During that time he became adept at diagnosing intricate telephony, computer, WiFi, & carrier platforms and lead an elite group of telecom, carrier, & data engineers  challenging projects involving delivery & integration of services. Roberts has had involvement in the cellular field since its U.S. inception in 1982, following years in Braodcast Communications.


Recent years have brought not only the general convergence & micronization of IT services, but this bleeding together of IT categories has given rise to skill set proficiency and crossover into Wireless & WiFi, as well as diverse IT technologies like Surveillance Cameras, Alarms & Entry Access, POS, Paging, Video Conferencing, Hosted & Appliance/Server based VoIP, Audio-Visual & Broadcast services, digital signage, web presence, and numerous other applications where technology & marketing are symbiotic elements of a synergistic "whole".


As head of Citadel Communications he brings that same expertise in problem solving to assist in all levels of client projects.  Along with Roberts' unique, diverse, & deep topography in IT, Media, & Advertising, he has over the years surrounded his operations with a tight "Dream Team" of other networked professionals in not only IT challenges but many other areas of business endeavor -- legal, logistics, construction, government planning, finance, energy, etc.

Brian "The Brain" Boll

IT Services Support

Computer Sciences Degree, Kent State


Brian has the ability to bring skill & knowledge together with intuition & forward acuity, coming up with penetrating, oftem simplified approaches to complex challenges, and has developed acumen that merges Data Networking with Voice & other IT attributes. Staff "Geek". Low maintenance performer. Invaluable in facilitating "convergence."